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Ferric Ammonium DTPA Solution

Ferric Ammonium DTPA Solution
Ferric Ammonium DTPA Solution
Product Code : D005
Product Description

Information on Ferric Ammonium DTPA Solution


Ferric Ammonium salt of Diethylene Triamine Penta Acetic Acid is a Sequestering / Chelating Agent. DTPA is a synthetic amino acid. It is widely known as DTPA. It is a white powder. DTPA Acid is insoluble in water. It is also named as Diethylene Triamine Pentaacetate. It is widely used to dissolve Metallic Impurities. There are various Salts / Derivatives of DTPA.

DTPA is widely recognized as effective Sequestering Agent. DTPA grabs metallic cation such as Lead or Calcium from the process and forms a stable compound that is then excreted from the system. The stability of this bond is vital to get the success in removing the inorganic impurities out of the system. If the bond is weak, other chemicals can break this bond to form their own compounds.


Synthesis / Manufacturing process of DTPA


The compound was earlier prepared by the reaction of Diethylene Triamine (DETA) and Monochloroacetic acid. Today, DTPA is synthesized on an industrial scale from Diethylene Triamine (DETA), Formaldehyde, and Sodium cyanide (NaCN). The sodium salt of DTPA forms first in both processes and then can be converted to the acid form.


Specifications of Ferric Ammonium DTPA Solution


Product Name                     : Ferric Ammonium DTPA Solution.

Product Code                      : D005.

Product Category               : Diethylenetriamine Penta Acetic Acid Derivatives.

CAS No.                                : 85959-68-8.

HSN No.                                : 29173990.

Synonyms                            : Diethylene Triamine Penta Acetic Acid, Pentetic Acid, Ferric Ammonium Salt.

Molecular Formula             : C14H23N3O10Fe(NH4)2

Molecular Weight               : 480.2.

Appearance                         : Reddish Brown Liquid.

Assay                                    : 40.0% Min. Ferric Ammonium DTPA.

Specific Gravity                  : 1.28 To 1.31.

Packing                                 : 250 Kg. HDPE Drums.


Uses / Application of Ferric Ammonium DTPA Solution


Ferric Ammonium DTPA Solution is a Sequestering Agent, which is used in Photography & in Boiler Treatment application for de-scaling.
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