Product Description
Phenylhydrazine is a colourless to slightly brownish liquid at a Room temperature. It starts forming monoclinic prism at a temperature below 15oC. Phenylhydrazine turns Yellow to Dark red in colour upon exposure of Air. Phenylhydrazine is miscible in ethanol, diethyl ether & benzene.

Synthesis / Manufacturing Process of Phenylhydrazine
Phenylhydrazine is prepared by oxidation of aniline with sodium nitrite in the presence of Hydrochloric acid to give Diazonium salt, which is further reduced using Sodium Sulphite in the presence of Sodium Hydroxide to give Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride. Phenylhydrazine Hydrochloride is further treated with Sodium Hydroxide & distilled to get Phenylhydrazine Free Base.

Specifications of Phenylhydrazine
  • Product Name : Phenylhydrazine.
  • Product Code : I001.
  • Product Category : Phenylhydrazine.
  • CAS No. : 100-63-0.
  • Synonyms : phenyl-;hydrazine-benzene.
  • Molecular Formula : C6H8N2.
  • Molecular Weight : 108.14.
  • Appearance : Colourless to Slightly Brownish Liquid.
  • Assay : 98.0% Min.
  • Specific Gravity at 20oC : 1.097 approximate.
  • Packing : 55 Kg. HDPE Drums.
Uses / Application of Phenylhydrazine
Phenylhydrazine is used in manufacturing of "Indoles", which are used in the synthesis of various Intermediates in Dyes & Pharmaceuticals.
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